Survey Instruments & Accessories

Surveying Instruments

We supply a wide range of Survey Instruments & Accessories.
All Aluminium Leveling Staves, Telescopic. 1-M to 6-Metres
All Aluminium Leveling Staves, Folding. 1-M to 6-Metres.
All Aluminium Telescopic Tripods, of Total Stations, Theodolites, Levels.
Wooden Telescopic Tripods, of Total Stations, Theodolites, Levels

Auto Levels,Theodolites,Engineers Levels,Dumpy Levels,Sextants,
Compasses-- Prismatic, Brunton, Survey, Engineering, Nautical, Gimbals.

Plain Tables & Accessories, Measuring Chains, Prism Poles etc...
We have manufactured for the Indian Sellers of Pantex, Sokkia, Topcon etc.

We have also Designed and Manufactured a wide range of Items, as per the Samples, Drawings or Photos from our Customers.
We can also make as per your Sample or Photo

Gold, Silver, Brass, Chrome, Antique, Copper Plating facilities available.
Your Name Logo can be Etched, Engraved, Printed in Any Design Any Language...