The Range Of Our Products

Our Products

We make a wide range of Classic Antique Replicas of Gifts & Decoratives.

Candlestick Phone, Brass Phone, Wooden Phone, Wall Phone, Desk Phone, Bakelite Phone, Clocks, Watches,
Hourglass, Sandtimers, Sundials, Telescopes, Binoculars, Nauticals, Brass Bells, Nautical Sextant, Box Sextant,
Brunton Compass, Nautical Compass, Military Compass, Gimbal Compass, Poem Compass, Pocket Compass,
Marine Compass, Wooden Box Camera, Hand & Desk Magnifier, Ship Wheel, Lamps, Globe, Globe on Stand,
KeyChains, Telegraphs, Armillary Spheres, Barometers, Hygrometers, Thermometers, Gifts, Decoratives,
Copper Handicrafts, Brass Handicrafts, Aluminium Handicrafts, Iron Handicrafts, Wooden Handicrafts...
Survey Theodolites, Autolevels, Dumpy Levels, IOP Levels, Engineer's Level, Levelling Staves, Prism Poles,
Prismatic Compasses, Survey Compasses, Geological Compass, Plain Tables, Aluminium & Wooden Tripods...

Gold, Silver, Chrome, Antique, Copper, Brass Plating facility.
Your Name and Logo can be Engraved, Etched, Printed, in Any Design Any Language.