About Our Manufacturing

About us

We make a wide range of Classic Antique Replicas of Gifts & Decoratives.
We have Designed and Manufactured a wide range of Items,
as per the Sample, Drawing or Photo from our Customers.
Quality is priority for us
We have a team of creative designers and experts who works according to your requirements.

We can also make Any Item as per your Sample or Photo.
Gold, Silver, Chrome,Antique, Copper, Brass Plating facilities available
Your Name and Logo can be Engraved, Etched, Printed in Any Language Any Design.
Packaging designing can be done as per your requirements.

Antique Replicas of
Candlestick Telephones, Brass Phones, Wooden Phones, Phone, Bakelite Phones, Clocks, Watches, Sandtimers, Hourglass, Sandclock, Sundials, Globes,
Box Sextants, Nautical Sextants, Clinometer, Wooden Box Cameras, Bell, Ship Bells, Desk Bells, Handbells, Shipwheel, Magnifiers, KeyChains.

Clocks Watches
Victoria Clocks Both-Side Clock, Station clock, Porthole Clock, Marine Clock, 2,3,4,5,6-in-1 World Time Clock, Ship Clocks, Ship Wheel Clock, Clock in Helmet, Brass clocks, Wooden Clocks, Desk Clocks & Wall clocks, Room Clocks, Office Clocks, Promotional Gift Clocks.

Telescopes Binoculars
Telescopes 3, 6, 10, 12, 14, 18, 32, 39 and 55 Inch sizes, Telescope on Wooden Stand,
Leather & Wooden Telescopes, Harbour Telescope Rotating on Fork, Telescope Keyring,
Binoculars, Leather & Sea Shell Covered 3 to 9 Inches.

Brunton Compass, Nautical Compass, Military Compass, Gimble Compass, Poem Compass, Marine Compass, Survey Compass, Geological Compass.

Lamps Lanterns
Aladdin Lamps, Ginni Lamps, Lanterns, Lamps & Lanterns Made of Brass, Copper, Iron or Aluminium Sheet or Casted body Lamps, Ship Lamps, Ship Lanterns,
Nautical Lamps, Studio Lamps & Spot Lights. Aladdin Lamp, Genie Lamps, Oil Lamps, Oil Lanterns, Station Lanterns, Victoria Lamps, Railway Lamps, Keychain Lamps.

Weather Instruments
Barometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer, Shipwheel Thermometer, Shipwheel Barometer, Shipwheel Hygrometers,
Set of Thermometers Barometers, Hygrometers.

in Telescope, Sandtimer, Compass, Diving Helmet, Anchor, Sextants, Telegraph, Whistle, Begul, Lamp, Magnifier, Lantern, Bell, Bottle Opener Keyrings.

Surveying Instruments
Theodolites, Levelling Staves, Autolevels, Prism Poles, Levels, Compasses, Plain Tables, Protractors, Set Squares, Drafting Machines, Scales.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, Copper & Brass Mugs, Glasses, Tankards, Tumblers, Shot Glasses, Goblets, Julep Cup, Cups, Jars, Pitchers, Jugs,Plates, Dishes,
Bottle Cooler Trays, Snacks Stands, Copper Brass Kettles, Bottle Openers.

Gifts Handicrafts
Promotional Gifts, Decoratives Gifts, Brass Gifts, Copper Gifts, Copper Handicrafts, Brass Handicrafts, Iron Handicrafts, Cast Iron Handicrafts.

Exported to
United States of America, England, Ireland, Canada, Russia, France, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czech, Italy, Australia, Finland, Malta, Turkey, Dubai, Muscat, Abudhabi, Riyadh, Israel, Mauritius, Malaysia, Poland, South Korea, Hongkong and China etc...

We Turn Metal Into Your Dream Artware...

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